21st Amendment Brewery Back In Black IPA Review

American-Style Black Ale
Inspired by Paul Revere's midnight ride, we rebelled against the British style IPA, embraced the more aggressive American version and then recast it in bold, brave, defiant black. Our Black IPA is a Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of the expected. Back in Black is our newest year-round beer available now in six pack cans and on draft. Brewed like an American IPA but with the addition of rich, dark malts, this beer has all the flavor and hop character you expect with a smooth, mellow finish.
ABV: 6.8%
IBUs: 65
Availability: Year Round
Glassware: Pint Glass
21st Amendment Brewery Back in Black IPA

21st Amendment Brewery Back in Black IPA

A Little about the Brewery
Established: 2000
The 21st Amendment Brewery offers a variety of award winning house made brews and American grilled cuisine in a comfortable loft like setting. Join us before and after Giants baseball games in our outdoor beer garden. A great location for functions and parties in our semi-private Brewers Loft. See you soon at the 21A!


Tasting Notes:  I’ve been to the restaurant several times while visiting friends in San Francisco and have been lucky enough to find this in beer distributors on the east coast and lately have found it in some local bars (in can).  This Black IPA is one of the better ones I have tried that has the color of a stout / porter but aroma and bitterness of an IPA.  When sampling this craft beer you will notice the aroma from the Black IPA is different from a typical IPA because of the ingredients used in the brewing process.  You still get the citrus and piney aromas from that of a hop like simcoe but when it is combined with the dark roasted malts it creates a truly unique aroma you do not come across often.  When tasting, it feels and finishes smooth like a porter or stout but has that great bitterness that comes along with an IPA.  Another thing I really like about the beer is the fact it comes in a can.  Great from outdoor activities and is a conversation starter.  Whether you are tailgating a sporting event, at a party or any other social event and enjoying directly from the can someone is always curious to know what beverage it is you are holding.  Craft beer in a can is something very new and it certainly does not look like your average soda can design that everyone is used to.  A unique craft beer that I highly recommend.  Drink with caution as it packs a punch with 6.8% ABV!  Let me know how your like it!

Craft Beer Reviewed Rating:  3.5 out of 5


Location:  21st Amendment, 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA

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